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It Is Saturday and Time For The HiBook News: This Edition – Row Boats From the Netherlands Are Slow

Perhaps the Row Boat Sank?

Today makes it 33 days since my Comfast dual band wireless adapter was shipped by Gearbest from the Netherlands (according to my order info). My only conclusion is that folks in Europe are still sending packages via row boat or sailing ships.

Lets look at the example of the dirt cheap mouse I ordered from Amazon a few months back. It arrived from Shenzhen, China in 8 days. Th current item is no bigger than a thumb drive and still has yet to make it to my mailbox.

Based on experience, stuff from China never takes more than 18 days to arrive by mail. This being the first time I have ever ordered and had shipped from Europe, I can only reach one conclusion and that is those row boats from Europe are mighty damned slow!

I sure would like to be running some tests on this gizmo, but hard to do without the gizmo in hand! The irony here of course is that I ordered from a Chinese retailer and it was shipped from a European warehouse, which is half the distance away and it  has yet to arrive.

Perhaps when I arrive home today it will be there, but I am guessing that it won’t be. By the way, the server here, running on a tablet, has over 500 posts! (It would have more but no one registers and posts).

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