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The HiBook News: Edition 8000! Ok, Perhaps Not, But Today’s Subject Is Somewhat Important!

So as I begin writing this post on the Hi12 I really have no clue where it is going. Sure enough later this evening I will test it using OpenShot for Windows.

Of course I have no doubt it will work just dandy, although a bit slower than the Zotac Nano PC, but that is to be expected considering the difference in processors.

The whole idea here however is to see if an Atom X5 can do this. Of course if you have cheeked the welcome message on the right side of this site you would already know that the HiBook tablet thinks it can do this, so I expect more negative  chatter from the HiBook later today.

So at this moment, we are awaiting my arrival at HQ, so I can do a video on the Hi12 and add an audio track and perhaps a transition or three. Obviously pushing a tablet to its limits is the point here so I guess we have to also do it on the HiBook also, so there may well be 2 videos in this post.

Now having arrived home I shot a video or 3 or the BLU Energy 2 smartphone and also downloaded a bit of music. I created a project, imported the files onto the Hi12 and into the Openshot project and of course I was pushing the tablet to its limits and the result was a dismal failure!

Like all things on the Hi12, if the ram gets pushed a bit and I forget to set the screen timeout to a long enough period I simply can’t wake the screen. This is an ongoing issue with my Z8350 version of this tablet and I simply can’t update the BIOS at all, because it will not even let me change the boot order hence ZERO chance of updating the BIOS.

So try number 2:  I set the screen timeout to be 1 hr and all appears to have worked rather well. It isn’t a fancy super video, just what I do for the cars we sell at work each day. Incidentally, it processed the 4 min video in roughly 6 min. About twice the time that the Ci3123 took to do a similar video. Perhaps later I will repeat this test on the HiBook, but it is a bit busy being the server today.

And for those folks who choose not to view the full website, here is the HiBook Tablet’s take on this video edit…

That will be it on the video front for today…I hope.


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The HiBook News: How To Fix a Broken Web Server And Relearn Things You Forgot!

The other evening I was trying to check the time settings on the Hi12 version of this site and lo and behold Webmin was dead. Sure the server was working okay, but Webmin is a super handy tool for tweaking your Linux machine.

So I spent literally hours trying to fix it. I read all the how to info available on the Inter-web and even from other planets! No fix worked and I determined before going to bed that although the server was fine, it was time to re-create the VM, (virtual machine), for this site.

So while at work today, using the Hi12 for its normal chores I went ahead and cleaned off my microSD card and began the build. Now obviously I don’t run the actual server from a microSD card, but better to build it and check it then copy it over.

Step 1: proceed to turnkeylinux.org and grab the latest LAMP stack ISO.  Roughly 262mb of download later, we are ready to install!

Step 2: Open up the VMWare Player and create a new VM, point it to the ISO, copy the settings used on the previous VM, (the broken one), and click play. Run the install, fairly straightforward.

Step 3: Fire it up after installing all the updates, etc. Okay, belay the excitement, because now all the little stuff needs to be tweaked! The list is not that big, but trying to remember it all, was helped  a great deal by searching my own posts on this very server! So below is the list:

  • install php5-gd
  • install php5-curl
  • install php-pear
  • install imagemajick
  • edit the php.ini file to allow larger uploads and a max of 128MB for php
  • edit the Apache web serve ports.conf file, (using Webmin), to Listen on port 8080
  • create the Virtual Host in Webmin and copy the directives from the other tablet!
  • using Webmin, create the database in MySQL for the server.
  • FTP in using the SSH port via the local IP, since this thing ain’t live yet and upload WordPress to the same directory as on the active server.

Okay, that takes care of the little stuff, but now we have to FTP/SSH in, using SSH and upload  WordPress and chmod the directories. That is followed by running the WordPress install and pointing it to the database we created earlier. Also time to update any re-direct files you may have, such as the redirect that takes folks from tabletserver.com:8080/ to the actual WordPress site at tabletserver.com:8080/wordpress.

After copying the entire VM to the main drive you do the following. You wait until you are home from work where you can assign a fixed IP in your router to said VM. Then you reboot it about three times to make sure it is getting the same IP.

Now after setting your port forwarding to the correct IP you fire it up, install WordPress and then immediately install Updraft Plus. Then you simply lookup your most recent backup, (which I did remotely on the HiBook from work), and restore from backup!

The end result is this post! The huge bonus is, it freed up roughly 9gb on the Hi12. With  the server running I currently have 17GB free space! I have no idea why the previous version was gobbling up the entire 12gb allocated space, since the server is not using anywhere near 25% of its size limit and was set to allocate space dynamically. That may just be the way it works, but I now have a copy of a virtually unused server with everything set, so I can always repeat this process in about 1/10th the time.

Obviously before I move this entire VM onto the HiBook I will allow it to run for a few evenings to see if I have missed anything, but it appears that so far it is working 100%.

That folks is all I have for this evening, except for one small note….

THIS IS POST NUMBER 600! Not too bad for a server running on a variety of inexpensive tablets/laptops and different operating systems!


This site currently runs on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.

Today’s Video Worth Sharing, Finally Ordered a Microphone So We Can Have Decent Audio On The Videos From Here.

Over the past 5 month’s or even the last year you may have noticed that the video on the HiBook screen videos and the Zotac videos were not really great.

The Zotac sounded loud enough, but involved using audio recorded by my phone which meant a complicated process of converting audio on android to MP3 then moving to whatever platform I was editing the video with.

The HiBook admittedly has a lousy mic and although the Hi12 works quite well, I would prefer a good mic that I can use with all three!

So today I solved all those issues by spending a whopping $6.50 on Walmart where I got a 3 pack of lapel mics with free shipping. No matter how bad these mics are, they will certainly beat the no-mic on the Zotac and have to be better than the HiBook mic. As far as the Hi12 goes the mic really isn’t bad at all, hence the reason today’s video was recorded on it! Of course I will point out as usual, this ain’t Hollywood here folks!

That will be all for this evening,


This site currently runs on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.

The HiBook News: This Edition, Rumors And Poorly Written Software

So not a whole lot to report on this week at HiBook Labs. However there were  some interesting developments along the software front.  I will get to that in a moment.

We also have a very interesting rumor from the folks at Chuwi concerning a 14.1 inch, all metal, super thin notebook that they are presumably going to be marketing as the LapBook Air At 6mm thick and only 1.3 kg,  it sounds like a very thin and light notebook.

We should have more details on it soon, but I haven’t found out any more real details as of this morning.

Now onto some issues I had with the Hi12 and some software that just doesn’t work all that well. The software in question was the Intel Driver Update Utility. Which when I first installed it worked fine and installed the latest video drivers onto the Hi12. Friday morning however was another story.

I had left the Hi12 running the server and taken the HiBook to work. So I started a backup on the Hi12 server before I went into work. Normally a backup takes roughly 20 minutes to finish. Not this time, it was 2.5 hrs. before I finally saw the “backup complete” on my browser on the HiBook.  So at lunchtime I headed home to do a quick switch over to the HiBook as the server, which took roughly 6 minutes to restore. Then I looked at the Hi12 and I must have had about 200 notifications from the Intel Driver Update Utility and it was pushing out a new notification every 4-5 seconds.

I rebooted the Hi12 and still the same constant driver update notifications, non-stop. So to make a long story short, I un-installed the Intel Driver Update Utility. Right after that I ran another backup just for grins and it took a mere 19 min. to compress and upload the files.

This may be just an issue with the Hi12, but this is the reason I normally stay away from any automated update software. Incidentally you can still get an Hi12 for $232 on Gearbest.

That is all I have for today,


This site currently runs on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.

The HiBook News: Realtek Driver Install Appears to Have Fixed All WiFi Issues on Hi12 and HiBook

A few weeks back I installed the latest Realtek drivers for the built in WiFi on both the Chuwi Hi12 and the Chuwi HiBook tablets.  So after almost 3 weeks of testing I am reporting on the results.

On the Hi12 I have had zero WiFi issues since the update. Admittedly I use the ComFast Dual Band USB WiFi adapter a lot, but never at work since I need max battery life there and the Comfast tends to use a bit of extra battery. But overall I would say that the driver update fixed all issues on the Hi12.

On the HiBook, the results have been equally as good. Zero cases of the WiFi adapter stopping or losing connection. So in the case of the HiBook I highly recommend doing the driver update, actually on both tablets I would do this!

To get all the details on the Realtek drivers including the links to download them visit this post.

Other than that not a lot of news to report this week. There was the plugin issue on the web site that I fixed a few days ago, but that is about it.


This site currently runs on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.