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Updated The RealTek WLAN Drivers on The Hi12, So Far, So Good.

Last evening I decided to try and rid myself of the WiFi issues that occasionally affect both Chuwi tablets I own. Both of them have the same internal WLAN Realtek RTL8723BS SDIO chipsets. Rarely, but often enough to be annoying, the WiFi will just disappear, requiring a reboot to get the device to reappear.

Suspecting as usual the crap Microsoft drivers for the WiFi, I went to Realtek and got their latest driver. It appears to be quite functional so far on the Hi12, although I have yet to test it on the HiBook.
The URL for the drivers is right here.

Since I have no clue what the Bluetooth chip is I did not mess around with those drivers at all.

I will also point out that the ComFast dual-band USB adapter has no such driver issues.

Update here: I installed the drivers into the HiBook after work this evening and just like the Hi12, so far, so good.

That is all for today,


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