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So After a 2 Month Wait I Now Have My Hands On a Chuwi Hi12 Tablet! First Impressions Are…WOW! (video)

Yeah, That Is The Hi12 Dwarfing the HiBook!

So after my initial disappointment with the first Hi12 I received with a defective screen, I finally received the replacement today. I was actually amazed how fast the postal service was compared to whatever Chinese shipper was involved with shipping it to the USA,

Considering the fact that it arrived in Chicago late on Easter weekend and managed to find it’s way to Nashville and then up to Kentucky in just a few days is a miracle.

While the case I bought for it isn’t great, it will do the job. I can simply set the angle of the tablet by where I position my super-duper Logitech K480 keyboard. This akes for on very nice notebook type PC without paying the extra expense of those docking keyboards! Sure the extra USB ports would be nice, but 2 full size USB ports work for me! (1 USB 3.0/ 1 USB 2.0).

So without further typing by me and because I still need to get this thing all the Windows Updates, here is the video!

That is all for this evening…so far,


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