My Other Server Was Hacked and Most Certainly Does That Suck!

So my Zotac server got hacked the other day and while the sites on it are functional they will occasionally redirect folks to a number of less than reputable sites. So if you go to Tim’s Tablet Website and get a page that says Microsoft has detected a virus on your PC”, don’t click on anything and do not call the numbers provided,  just close the browser down.

Obviously the tablet server here is still fine and probably because I keep a very, very close eye on it and have the latest Linux updates and a bit more of a locked down site here.

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Of course that will probably be taken by the hackers as a challenge and well not much I can do about morons like them.

Now back to the other “primary server”. The hack apparently is able to jump from one site to the next and that is a curiosity to me but certainly also a pain in the ass.


The hack appears to originally have been inserted into the Jetpack Plugin as it was causing a bunch of hex code to appear at the top of the site. After deleting the plugin completely and re-uploading it that extra code disappeared.

The strangest thing is the old site I used to run just sent me an email from the Shield plugin telling me that “core files were changed”. That would not be a big deal except for the fact that I no longer own the domain, nor is DNS pointed to it and that it was a dormant site long before I ever installed the Shield plugin on any of my sites!

I have tried all the standard ways to return things to normal but so far I am on the losing end of things, but it is only the 3rd inning! Obviously I could wipe it completely but losing 3 years of good posts/info would irk me.

So stay tuned for updates, perhaps I shall learn some new skills here and be able to share said future knowledge with ya’ll.

Update here (14:20 hrs CDT): The site I mentioned earlier has been totally removed from the server and there were a lot of files in that directory that simply did not belong there.


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