So Tonight We Have Another Video Worth Sharing: The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, a Very Decent 15.6 Inch Notebook!

Well folks it is time once again for another shared video. This one is on the Xiaomi MI Pro notebook which is a 15.6 inch unit that sports a lot of features. In the following video the version reviewed is the Intel Core i5 quad core with 8 GB RAM.

However it is also offered with more RAM, (16 GB), and an i7 latest Gen processor.

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It does sport quite a few ports, unlike those craptastic Apple products and it also seems like pretty good bang for the buck!

As usual, I could bore you with all the specs but you probably want to see the video.

So as promised in the headline, here it is!

Of course if you are interested in this device you can find it right here!


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