In 10 Days We Will Have a Total Eclipse, So How About Some Food Ideas For Those Obsessed By 2 Min and 20 Seconds Of Darkness?

Remove the lettuce/tomato and add a halo of cheese…Total Eclipse Burger©

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We are a mere 10 days away from a total solar eclipse here in Kentucky and pretty much across a huge swath of the USA. While that offers no excitement to myself, because I just walked outside and noticed the Earth was blocking the sun, or as we normally call it, night….some folks are going to go nuts over this short term daylight darkness and therefore the reason for this post.

So I have a few ideas for the local food joints, whether they be McDonald’s or Taco Bell, etc, or just the locals hosting a party. I do expect that any commercial enterprise reimburse me for my genius, but that is neither here nor there.


So take a moment to look at the image at the top of the article. Yep black bread, now imagine if you will a sandwich using that bread with a slightly larger circular piece of cheese creating the same halo effect the eclipse will! Yeah, that would be an Eclipse Burger© or more specifically a Total Eclipse Burger©! Or Eclipse Sandwich© of any sort!

Or how about a pizza with ground beef in the middle surrounded by a golden circle of cheese! Yeah, the Eclipse Pizza ©! Same with a circular plate of nachos…can ya hear me Taco Bell?

If you want to know how to make that black bread, read this article I found. No need to thank me for my brilliance, just send money!

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