A Video Worth Sharing: Next Time You Think Your Car/Bike Is Fast….Well Just Watch!

Obviously most videos I share here are about tablets and laptops that have very low top speeds. However I still subscribe to the notion that the idea of this site is to put the tablet itself through the wringer and the content is secondary. I used to road race motorcycles a number of years back, but I would never even consider trying this! I have no problem riding at 190+ MPH, but not in these conditions!

So all that being said here is a video that anyone who thinks they can drive fast will appreciate. It is about 2 years old, but any true motorcyclist will notice how smooth the rider being filmed is. You will also notice that these folks are running on regular streets here with little or no safety barriers. Top speeds here are roughly 200 MPH…yeah, that means don’t fall in those small towns they pass through!

This was all shot on the Isle of Mann, by the way.



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