The HiBook News: This Edition, New WLAN Drivers and General Info

This week’s HiBook News edition covers much of what was already posted in the last few posts. The most important being that I did manage to update the WLAN drivers on both the HiBook and the Hi12.

The update was easy to install and so far appears to have cured the occasional issues that the WLAN chip suffered, which was simply dropping out of existence and requiring a reboot.


This really isn’t a problem on the Hi12 because I generally use the handy ComFast dual-band (ac) USB adapter and it has no issues and the Hi12 battery doesn’t suffer like the HiBook does when running it.

Now on to a bit of good news about prices on the HiBook Pro model, which has the larger battery and the super hi-res 2560 x 1600 display. This one with the Z8350 processor is on sale at Banggood for a mere $180! That is a great price for this device!


Other than the above news I do not have much else to report, although it would be super if a few folks would register and post an article, or don’t register and post a comment or 5….just leave out any URLs or the system will auto dump it.

Oops, one last item, make sure to listen to the short welcome message in the right sidebar. These tablets crack me up sometimes.

That is all for now,


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