THE Tablet Test Server is Finally On The Chuwi Hi12! So Far, So Good!

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You didn’t really think I would get a new device and not put a web server on it did you? As the header image says, this site is running right now on the Chuwi Hi12. Yes, it does gobble up about 12 GB of disk space when the VM is active, but it is also part of seeing what this tablet can do.

The transfer over to the Hi12 was easily accomplished by copying the entire VM from the HiBook and then simply installing VMware player. I did the transfer using my trusty Sandisk USB 3.0  thumb-drive and in total it took about 12 minutes to copy on the HiBook, which is only USB 2.0 and then another 2 minutes to drop onto the eMMC drive in the Hi12 which of course has a full size USB 3.0 port. So a total of less than 15 minutes and here we are with a nice backup server with what can only be described as an AWESOME battery!

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The only things I am still waiting on is the wireless ac USB adapter I ordered and of course the inevitable Windows 10 Creators Update. So far I am totally impressed with this tablet. The display is great, the battery lasts all day for basic web surfing, image editing and the occasional video. I also run Office 2007 on here to do spreadsheets for work and the occasional Word document.

Incidentally, the Chuwi Hi12 is still available on for $235, which is about $100 bucks less than the newer Chuwi Hi13.


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