My Chuwi Hi12 Tablet Gets Benchmarked Via Geekbench

This evening I installed and ran Geekbench on the new Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Geekbench identifies it as a Hampoo E4D6-HI122LP, but that is typical with Chinese tablets. The scores were not too bad at all…


Keep in mind I have yet to tweak the bios to boost the ram speed up to 1600 MHz, right now it is at the factory default 1066 Mhz.

Below is the result of the Chuwi HiBook with the ram speed boosted, but still not up to the numbers that the  Intel Z8350 on the Hi12 produced, versus the Z8300.



Chuwi HiBook

So there are no major surprises just yet and testing and playing on the Hi12 shall continue.


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