The Kindle Fire is Really a Good Little Tablet!

About a month ago I wrote about installing Kodi on a Kindle Fire and today I have just been playing with the little tablet.

It really does work well for basic web surfing chores. What it does best is fit nicely in my back pocket just like my old ME572 Asus tablet did!

Sure it does not have the best display nor a lot of RAM but for a $50 tablet it gets the job done! Of course putting Google Play store on it and installing the Google keyboard really makes it super useful. I am actually writing this post on the Fire right now.

There are some minor issues that would be cured with a faster processor but once again they are minor. The screen does go a bit nuts when I try to add a link while editing a post, but not every time. Like I said, minor.

All the apps I have tried so far work very well, video playback is good and WiFi connect speeds are good.

So if you are in need of a small, dirt cheap tablet I would suggest looking into one of these!

That is all for this morning,


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