Chuwi Hi12 Gets Price Reduction on Gearbest, Down to $229 (USD)

We all know that I am having issues with my Chuwi Hi12 in that I received a rare defective item. However based on the reviews available online and my experience with Chuwi products I still recommend this tablet as a good replacement for your laptop.

Just buy yourself a case/stand and get a Bluetooth keyboard, such as a Logitech K480 or K380 and  plug in a wireless mouse and you have yourself a damned decent notebook! Compare the price of $229 versus a Microsoft Surface at roughly $800 if you are lucky.

I use the HiBook tablet from Chuwi for this very same purpose and you can still get the HiBook Pro on Banggood for only $215 as of this posts publishing date. It has a better resolution than the Hi12, but the screen is 2 inches smaller and the Hi12 does pack an 11000 mAh battery. So overall the Hi12 is a far better deal.

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