Chuwi Hi12 Arrived Today, However the Display is Defective And That Sucks

The other day I wrote about waiting on a shipment from China and how it sucks to wait with no tracking info. Today I found something that sucks more. The Hi12 Tablet arrived and the packaging was excellent, so I don’t believe that was the issue. However, the display has a 1 inch wide section with absolutely nothing but white being displayed.

Yeah, a defective screen REALLY DOES suck. Since it does it in both Windows and Android I highly doubt that this is a software or even bios issue. More than likely it is simply a matter of a defective screen.


So now we get to see how well the folks at are at customer service.  Hopefully all will go well and my wait for a larger tablet will continue.


Incidentally, the 2 halves of the display I could see looked stunning!

That is all for today,


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