Tonight’s Tablet Project: Getting Kodi/Chromecast To Run On A Dirt Cheap Amazon Fire Tablet

Tonight I decided to try and setup Kodi/LocalCast on one of those $50 (or less) Amazon Fire Tablets. It took a little while to find a decent video on YouTube that explained the steps to get the Play Store to work, after that it was cake. The video can be viewed below. It is quite handy to have what is essentially a 7 inch tablet/remote control for your TV! Essentially you will be installing the Google Play Store, then installing Kodi and an app called LocalCast after following the Play Store instructions/video below.


The video is about 8 months old, but worked like a charm. Essentially all you really need to do is the following, (but watch the video if you must):

  1. Go to Settings, Security and allow installs from outside sources
  2. Open the Silk Browser on your Fire Tablet
  3. Go to this URL and download/install all 4 apps:
  4. Go to this URL and download/install the other 2 files:
  5. Restart the Fire Tablet, then install Kodi and LocalCast from the Play store. You will also need the playercorefactory.xml file which you can find if you poke around on Google or read my previous post on this subject. This will allow LocalCast to autoplay  via Chromecast on your Android device,(or the Fire Tablet) and it becomes quite seamless, allowing you to use the tablet or your phone even while casting to Chromecast.

You now have yourself a dirt cheap Kodi box! Yeah, it is just that easy!



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