I Tried Out Kodi On The Chuwi HiBook Tablet and a Few Other PC’s Today

KODI runs nicely on the Chuwi HiBook

As usual here at HiBook Labs we always are trying new thing and over the last 24 hours or so I decided to learn all about Kodi, formerly known as XBMC.

Obviously for those who know how this stuff works it is nothing new, but if you are totally new to it, then it is actually one helluva confusing mess. Kodi is a complex, open source application, that is clunky at best. Once set up up it works great!

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However, most of the tutorial videos are out of date and many of the websites that show you how to set things up are written by geeks, who speak in geek and often assume you know what the hell they are talking about.

Once you get the hang of installing add-ons, then it is pretty much cake to operate. There are literally hundreds of movies and television programs available to watch.


The Interface on Kodi 17.0 in the add-ons screen

The bottom line is that KODI works fine on the Chuwi HiBook tablet and my Asus X553SA notebook. It also functions very well on my BLU Studio Energy 2 phone, (which is where the screen shots in this artcle were captured). It does not work well at all on my old Dell Optiplex 745 in Linux or Win 10, but that appears to just be a graphics issue.

If you have never tried it, but want to lower your cable bill and stream most of your TV/movie content I highly recommend trying it out. You can download the latest version right here.   Just do some serious research on this version, known as Krypton before you start installing add-ons. The interface on this version is quite different from previous versions and if you watch a video or read a page on the older versions you will be completely confused.

That is all for today,


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