Because No One Asked, Here Is the Video About New Tablet Choices Anyway! Video

1-a-whats-nextI just decided to show off the screen recording capabilities of Linux Lite 3.2 on the Asus X553SA notebook and record a short video about my upcoming choices of a new Tablet, or Notebook. so far the choices are limited, but they will expand over the next month or so.

As usual don’t expect anything but more possibilities for the next few weeks or even months.


So here is the video…

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This post/video was recorded on an Asus X553SA, running Linux in a VM, in a virtual machine,on Windows 10 and then posted to a Chuwi HiBook Tablet running Linux in a VM also inside Windows 10. There is a theme here folks…for the clueless it is called Linux.

I have viewed a few reviews tonite, and this one is rather positive about the HiBook Pro… it appears I may be upon the right track.


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