Testing on a Virtual Machine Does Have a Purpose That Translates to PC’s.

Testing in a VM is always a good practice.

The other day I tested an install of Windows 7 on the Chuwi HiBook here and all went well. What I was really doing was confirming that my old DVD of Win7 transferred properly to a flash drive and all went well.

So yesterday I proceeded to upgrade a rather old Dell Precision M6300 laptop to Windows 7. The only thing I had to do to get it working perfectly was to install the Nvidia Quadro  FX 1600M drivers and all is working perfectly. I used the 64 bit Vista drivers available from Dell and so far they work just fine!


So if you happen to own one of these older laptops from Dell, you can get Windows 7 running on it. Incidentally there are newer drivers available from Nvidia, but I saw no reason to upgrade since these Dell drivers are working perfectly.

Incidentally I installed Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit, SP1. I won’t be running any updates, because as the old saying goes, if it’s working, don’t fu$% with it!.

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