As You Sit Back Using Your New Tablet to Watch Mindless YouTube Videos or Worse Yet ESPN, The Chuwi HiBook is Going Retro! (in a Windows 7 VM Kinda Way)

Here at Planet HiBook Labs we never stop trying stupid crap!

Tonight’s project on the Chuwi HiBook tablet is trying to run Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine. Why is this you may ask and my reply is simply, why not?

After all, half the planet is still running Win 7 while the other half is using Win 10 with those left in between regretting having ever seen Windows 8/8.1.

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Here on Planet HiBook we do things differently, we try everything, we don’t care what the test is, as long as we try it. It may fail, it may succeed or I may have to try it 3 or 4 times before I get it right. Bottom line here is that it is just finding out what will actually work on a tablet because that normally means a PC or full bore laptop will be fine.

I am also very interested because where I am working currently we have an older very Premium Laptop, (that is running Vista but came with XP Pro), that I want to upgrade to Win 7 so we can get a few more years out of it and I know that if I can get it running on a tablet, that this Dell Precision laptop will be just fine eventually, even if it takes 2-3 tries to get it right.


21:30 hrs, 14 Oct 2016: Currently we are at “Setup is starting” after 32 min of opening files…all appears well, no sign of a break in the time-space continuum, good news for the Universe!

22:00 hrs, 14 Oct 2016: Progress continues, albeit at the pace of the US Congress…








23:39, 14 Oct 2016: I upgraded to the latest VMware and so far so good, we are now at the “Setup is preparing Your computer for first use”…this is try number 2 and the install was much quicker after the upgrade…

00:15, 15 Oct 2016: Install succeeded, everything works! Sound, mouse, keyboard, etc.! Below are some screenshots. Somewhere during the install I choose the 32 bit version, but it is too late this evening to try again, bottom line is that the HiBook can run Win 7! Images below…

Yep,32 bit, but working.
Yep,32 bit, but working. (click to enlarge)
Default Desktop with new VMware version (click to enlarge)
Default Desktop with new VMware version (click to enlarge)

So ends tonight’s project which I am deeming a success!

Can your tablet do this? Try it!


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