Tonight’s Project on THE Tablet Test Server: Seeing if vLot Will Run on This Server!

vlot2I have a php/MySQL based car dealer script that I have modified quite a bit and actually have up on running on the primary server here. But what I am going to do this evening is to download and try installing it from the links I have posted on my personal blog page.

I’ll be following the instructions I wrote for it nearly 2 years ago. Since the original script is no longer maintained anywhere, I would just like to make sure it will run on absolutely the minimum in hardware and it doesn’t get much more minimal than a tablet.

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I’ll detail the results here once I have reached any conclusions.

Conclusions, it runs just fine. In fact you can check it out right here, just click and see what happens if you follow the included instructions. You can also login as testuser with a password of testuser and try adding a car. The Administration link will be at the bottom of the page.

I did modify the instruction file slightly and remove the extra software that made it a rather large download previously. I don’t believe I need to provide anyone with an iso file of turnkey Linux, since it can be obtained from them in the latest version. So the download is now a mere 3.5mb and that includes some images for the demo sql file. Easily deleted once all is setup. Setup takes roughly 10-15 minutes if you already have a server/hosting.

You can download the files right here, or visit my personal blog page for alternate file locations.

That pretty much covers this test,


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