What amounts to ‘Proof of Concept’ for the New Tablet I am Considering! Win 10 on a dual-core Notebook running a VM in Linux!

Originally posted 2016-05-13 01:21:49.

VM is working great!
VM is working great!

So once again this evening I did a bit more testing using my Asus X553SA Notebook to see how well Windows 10 with a VMware server, running on Linux Debian would work.

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There were a few minor glitches, such as having to install the php5-gd library and Imagemagick so I could edit images inside WordPress and crop headers, etc.

However all seems well at this time as I write this directly to the Asus notebook based server.


Below is a short video I recorded using my BLU Studio Energy2 phone via screen capture.

So someone buy my Asus Z580CA so I can test this all out on a nice Windows 10 Tablet!

The video below is for those who never visit the Tablet Test site, because by the morning this site will be back in the Dragon Touch X10.


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