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Today’s Video Worth Sharing: Budget Phone Overload

Today I did a video on a subject that was also covered by Ben over at ben’s gadget reviews a few days ago. We have both reached similar conclusions on the fact that the Chinese smartphone companies are releasing new phones at far too high a rate.

This creates a market that has a brand  having 3-4 smartphones all with similar specs at nearly the same price and very few reviewers who are willing to do all these budget phone reviews.

This becomes exceedingly confusing for folks trying to find the perfect phone in their budget range. Sometimes you will find the perfect phone and wait a fews before ordering, only to find out there are 3 more similar phones from the likes of Nubia, Meizu, Doogee, Xiaomi, etc.

The “flagship” phones are an easier group to keep track of, because there are simply only a few models in total out there and the Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG top end stuff does not get updated more than once per year.

This is why I am only recommending 3 budget phones so far this year. I can’t possibly keep up, especially when I do all my stuff based on specs and research of hands on reviews.

So in the video below I actually make a recommendation about flagships and try to explain why the heavy hitter YouTubers tend to focus on the top of the line stuff. (Take a guess why? Yeah, money).

The video is long, but worth watching, so let us get to it right now…

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