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Watched a Few Videos This Evening on The LG G7 ThinQ And Was Rather Amused (short rant)

Originally posted 2018-05-02 21:14:35.

Please note the “TM” after ThinQ

So LG had a bunch of reviewers over in Korea to look at the new LG G7 ThinQ smartphone  recently. However every review I watched simply didn’t get it. When I say get it, it was apparent that none of them is thinking trademarks and branding.

If you look at the image above you will note that right behind the word ThinQ is that tiny TM  symbol.  Yeah, not one of the reviews I watched caught onto the concept at all. Everyone of them called it an “LG G7 Thin Q” as if that trademark word was two words?

The phone sports some AI featured and that means it can sort of “think”. Not new or ground breaking, but sometime, as in the case of LG you need to thinq out of the box! (and no I did not accidentally misspell think!)

In fact from here on out as I explain I will tell you what my thoughts are on the marketing of this phone. First, lets go over a few words that should be easily pronounced. If you remember there was a car called a Grand Marquis, but if you go to a theater they have a big sign called a Marquee right? Or if I spelled Marky Mark as Marqy Mark, would you suddenly call him Mar Q ee Mark? Uh, no.

The entire reason for the word ThinQ is to emphasize and trademark the LG AI software. Nothing mysterious here folks! I guess some folks can’t think outside the box, although LG did a good job!

So ends my rant on somewhat obtuse reviewers who simply can’t decipher easy concepts, such as intentionally misspelled word, so they can be the first to publish a video.

There are some okay reviews on this, but since it really doesn’t interest me, unless LG thinqs I should review it, we will call this post done,


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