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Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: We Actually Gained about 6 Subscribers!

If you have been reading this web site for the last few months you would know that we actually are now in synch with our new video channel! Sure we post a lot of other videos but we always try to get our latest videos posted here also!

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see a few new subscribers to our channel! Of course I also had a bit of news on the priorities here shifting just a bit due to a slight issue with my BLU Studio Energy 2 phone.

I will leave all the details to that for the video to explain. Suffice to say a replacement phone is in order soon, although mostly due to my own paranoia about older tech with almost zero problems. Crazy? Yep! But that is just me so, check out the video below and make sure to like/share/subscribe!

That is all for now, except please subscribe to our channel or click those big donation buttons on the website here!



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