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Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: The Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 Inch 2 in 1 Notebook

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is technically a tablet and a notebook, but at 15 inches, it isn’t exactly a handy to hold device, but it is surprisingly good. The video we have tonight is from Andrew over at AMDTech and is a full review of the Surface Book 2.

Of course this device has one huge downside and that is the astronomical price tag, but let us face facts folks, if you need a ton of processing power and like to do video editing and absolutely need to be able to draw on the screen with a stylus, well…yeah, it is certainly worth it.

We are looking at an 8th gen, Core i7 processor and an Nvdia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU. Yeah, lots of muscle here!

The display is outstanding, the web cam is great and there just isn’t a lot one can say that is a big negative. Battery life is good, the keyboard and track pad are great.

Sure, I have zero need for one of these myself, but there are folks who visit this site that might want to know all about this device, so I am going to quit typing and get you folks right to that video!

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