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A Few Days Ago I Wrote About The Meltdown And Spectre Security Flaws, Here Are Some Videos Explaining Them

Less than a week ago we all heard about the security flaws that affect many Intel, AMD and even ARM processors. I even posted an article about it. As you may already know this is something that could potentially affect every one of us, but there is a lot of confusion about these two exploits.

Presumably Microsoft is going to be issuing an update on Tuesday January 9th and I assume other OS vendors will already be releasing patches or have already released them. Remember, this affects Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Android and Linux devices.

Because folks seem to like videos I am going to give you folks 3 videos that may or may not clear things up.

So in no particular order, here are those videos. Keep in mind that there is a lot of info that we do not know just yet, but these will explain the basics without being too tech oriented.

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