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So Today I Got The Strangest Phone Call At Work: Probable Scammer Or Prank Call?

Trust No One…unless you can look them in the eye.

Now I have had a few of my domains hacked in the last few years and managed to fix them with a bit of effort. But today I got a call that is still driving me nuts.

So about 3:40 PM CST today I get a call from this number: 773-571-1203 (and yeah, if it was a prank, sorry, but if it was a scammer, not sorry). The number in question is a cell number and feel free to text them or re-publish this info in any manner you see fit. Payback is a bitch, although I suspect it was cloned, but, what the hell.

I have dealt with scammers many times when selling stuff on Craigslist and all sorts of other situations, usually involving text or emails, but this call came into our business number at work from a Chicago area code that made it unlikely that it was business and then it got real suspicious. First of all I don’t believe I have ever associated my name with our business or our website. So that makes it most likely a prank, but if so, well hopefully  someone will take my advice and publish there number as I am doing.

The caller asked for me by name and then proceeded to to tell me my “personal website” was insecure. So I responded by asking him about which domain he was speaking of, since I own several, (note here, never tell the caller the names of your domains), and he only kept responding, “you know”. First of all I no longer have a personal domain anywhere, that ended when moving and putting stuff onto a remote host.

At this point after repeatedly asking for what domain I should be concerned about the asshat on the phone terminated the call.

First of all, all my domains, which can easily be looked up on a whois search are associated to MY phone number, not my work phone . So that sets off immediate warning bells. When dealing with an unknown caller, never give them ANY information, because that is exactly what they are fishing for.

So one more time: the cell number in question is: 773-571-1203

That is all I have for now,


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