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Okay, Sometimes Plans Just Do Not Work Out! But There is a Silver Lining, Like an Asus Z580CA Tablet!

Originally posted 2016-03-06 06:51:24.

EVERY-CLOUD-HAVE-A-SILVER-LININGSo my overall plans for my recent purchases was to use the new BLU Studio Energy 2 as a backup, because it has a huge battery. But, no matter what I do, including wiping the device twice, it won’t run the KSweb app as a server.

However, the new tablet, well, another story totally. Not only does the Z580CA from Asus run it, it does it just as fast as the Dragon Touch X10! The ME572C had definite issues with speed when running as a backup, but the new tablet just handles it perfectly!

This is probably a simple issue with the BLU Studio Energy 2, but it is minor, because the phone itself is a huge step forward from the BLU Studio X it replaced. The display is better, the storage is better and the battery is HUGE! I intentionally ran it all day, leaving it set at a 5 min display timeout and left it running on WiFi, downloaded a bunch of stuff and still had 65% battery after 14 hrs of heavy use!

So in both cases I am happy to have purchased the BLU Studio Energy 2 and the Asus Z580CA (also known as a Zenpad 8). So there will always be a backup server here…just not the one I had intended.

Incidentally the Blu Energy 2 is still getting a minimum of 3 days battery life after over a year of use!


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