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Today’s Video Worth Sharing: CES 2018, It Sure Does Take a Lot Of Gear to Cover This Event.

We all shoot videos these days because we have that capability on our smartphones but for the folks whole produce the slick video reviews I share here quite often, well lets just say it’s a whole new ballgame!

I was actually stunned with just how much gear that Andrew over at AMDTech is bringing to the CES 2018 show! Of course he has the advantage of living in Las Vegas, so there isn’t the hassle of transporting all this stuff through airports, etc. However the amount of stuff he is bringing to the show is mind boggling.

I believe that the only thing he isn’t bringing to the show is the kitchen sink! Below is a short list of what I remember from the video:

  • 2 Sony Cameras
  • extra lenses
  • lights
  • a camera backpack/bag
  • 2 laptops/notebooks
  • extra batteries
  • 2 SSD’s to transfer files
  • extra SD cards
  • a tripod
  • iPhone X

That is only what I remember from the video. There is actually more. So below you will find the video and of course I suggest subscribing to his channel if this stuff interests you.

So let us get right to that video.

That is all for now,


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