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The HiBook News: How To Fix a Broken Web Server And Relearn Things You Forgot!

Originally posted 2017-08-16 22:22:47.

The other evening I was trying to check the time settings on the Hi12 version of this site and lo and behold Webmin was dead. Sure the server was working okay, but Webmin is a super handy tool for tweaking your Linux machine.

So I spent literally hours trying to fix it. I read all the how to info available on the Inter-web and even from other planets! No fix worked and I determined before going to bed that although the server was fine, it was time to re-create the VM, (virtual machine), for this site.

So while at work today, using the Hi12 for its normal chores I went ahead and cleaned off my microSD card and began the build. Now obviously I don’t run the actual server from a microSD card, but better to build it and check it then copy it over.

Step 1: proceed to turnkeylinux.org and grab the latest LAMP stack ISO.  Roughly 262mb of download later, we are ready to install!

Step 2: Open up the VMWare Player and create a new VM, point it to the ISO, copy the settings used on the previous VM, (the broken one), and click play. Run the install, fairly straightforward.

Step 3: Fire it up after installing all the updates, etc. Okay, belay the excitement, because now all the little stuff needs to be tweaked! The list is not that big, but trying to remember it all, was helped  a great deal by searching my own posts on this very server! So below is the list:

  • install php5-gd
  • install php5-curl
  • install php-pear
  • install imagemajick
  • edit the php.ini file to allow larger uploads and a max of 128MB for php
  • edit the Apache web serve ports.conf file, (using Webmin), to Listen on port 8080
  • create the Virtual Host in Webmin and copy the directives from the other tablet!
  • using Webmin, create the database in MySQL for the server.
  • FTP in using the SSH port via the local IP, since this thing ain’t live yet and upload WordPress to the same directory as on the active server.

Okay, that takes care of the little stuff, but now we have to FTP/SSH in, using SSH and upload  WordPress and chmod the directories. That is followed by running the WordPress install and pointing it to the database we created earlier. Also time to update any re-direct files you may have, such as the redirect that takes folks from tabletserver.com:8080/ to the actual WordPress site at tabletserver.com/wordpress.

After copying the entire VM to the main drive you do the following. You wait until you are home from work where you can assign a fixed IP in your router to said VM. Then you reboot it about three times to make sure it is getting the same IP.

Now after setting your port forwarding to the correct IP you fire it up, install WordPress and then immediately install Updraft Plus. Then you simply lookup your most recent backup, (which I did remotely on the HiBook from work), and restore from backup!

The end result is this post! The huge bonus is, it freed up roughly 9gb on the Hi12. With  the server running I currently have 17GB free space! I have no idea why the previous version was gobbling up the entire 12gb allocated space, since the server is not using anywhere near 25% of its size limit and was set to allocate space dynamically. That may just be the way it works, but I now have a copy of a virtually unused server with everything set, so I can always repeat this process in about 1/10th the time.

Obviously before I move this entire VM onto the HiBook I will allow it to run for a few evenings to see if I have missed anything, but it appears that so far it is working 100%.

That folks is all I have for this evening, except for one small note….

THIS IS POST NUMBER 600! Not too bad for a server running on a variety of inexpensive tablets/laptops and different operating systems!


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.
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We Are Going To Be Giving Away The HiBook Tablet! We Just are Not Sure Of The Method…Yet

Yes folks, the HiBook tablet has been tested in all sorts of ways here at HiBook Labs and we are simply out of things to test on it!

We have installed Linux on it, edited videos on it, run a server off of it for over a year and a half  in a VM AND in Android and also watched hundreds of movies and TV shows on it!  Personally I love this thing, but it does sit around lately not being used too often and it still works perfectly!

So I have decided to do some sort of giveaway to someone who really could use a handy 10.1 inch, dual boot, Windows 10/Android tablet in perfect working order.

Of course the test facility here at HQ will continue to be called HiBook Labs for the foreseeable future, so do not panic! But the nature of the giveaway will be determined by those who choose to register on this web site and actually come up with a suggestion or two!

Why yes, “what a novel idea you are thinking, I could write a post on this site and perhaps influence the outcome/method of this giveaway”.

Of course if you register and do not login or post, yeah, you get terminated, if you post a bunch of links (URL’s) you get removed. Simple enough?

Make sure you are registering on tabletserver.com and not another site that this may be shared with! (yes this will be shared on my other site, so just making sure you are registering for the correct web site!)

That is all I have at this time, register and write or suggest, no comments please, since most folks screw those up and they get dumped by the security protocols.


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.
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The HiBook News: Issue 5486, Okay Maybe Issue 52, General Info

So this week was an interesting one as I  learned far more than I ever really wanted to know about VPN software and devices and also actually shot a video on my BLU Studio Energy 2 phone on the stuff I  use and why I use it.

That video and the info related to it can be found in this post from a few days ago.

I also did my taxes and it appears that I will be able to get cable in here in roughly 2.5 weeks.  That should alleviate some issues I have, since using you mobile WiFi hotspot can certainly put a damper on your web surfing, unless you happen to be rich.

I have also learned that the few visitors we do get don’t appear to be concerned about me getting rid of all the ads here. I would much rather have a cleaner site, that loads faster and not have to keep track of the latest adverts and when they expire and which new ones to put on. To put it mildly, I would like to ditch them all, if possible or certainly minimize them to perhaps just the post signature section. But of course no one has helped us out a bit. Not one single solitary person has coughed up even a dollar to help out the site. No one has registered and posted an article.

Perhaps someone out there knows what I should do to get some folks to send me stuff to test, or perhaps you have a slightly out of date product that you would like to see tested as a server. Yeah, that is what we do, notebooks, tablets, it doesn’t matter, it all gets beaten to death as a server. Got an idea, leave a comment, but do not post any URL’s since the security software here will see it as spam and it will be killed during the daily database optimization.

Obviously I am still recommending to folks to not go high end if you do not really need it. There are always fast, low cost mini-pc’s and lower end tablets and notebooks that do not cost a fortune that will get the job done.

As usual, if you want to help, donate, or inform or join and write!

So that is all I have for this edition,


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.
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Tonight I Did My Taxes And My Return Will Be Okay, But….

As the title states, I did my taxes, filed electronically and hopefully should see a return that will pay the cable bill for a year and perhaps a month’s rent.

Yeah, living on your own ain’t cheap and we need to have stuff to test as usual, this being tax time I would have already ordered the Chuwi LapBook Air or the tiny GPD Win 10 or perhaps another 2-3 devices except cash flow here is at a minimum!

So here is the deal, the folks who donate to the site at a level of a whopping 1 dollar, will be entered to win the legendary HiBook Tablet! I of course will come up with the giveaway videos, etc in the next few days. Who knows, if you were to share this article, perhaps we would have enough donations that I could give away more cool stuff.

I want to bring testing back into the home here and have total control of the server(s) and test the crap out of whatever device I can get my hands on! It might appear to be a strange thought to you, but think about this, what other site on earth has run most of its life on a tablet? Yeah, go check, we are the only idiots doing this stuff!

Tablets, notebooks, anything mobile gets put into service as a web server. So click the damned donate link and help us reach our rather minimal goal of $1800, or if you happen to be a manufacturer send us your product and we WILL beat the crap out of it and offer unbiased reviews!

So click here to donate and I will ask no more of your time!

That is all for this evening,


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.
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The HiBook News: Crazy VPN Issues Cured By Starting Over

If you are a frequent visitor here you may know that lately I have run into all sorts of issues when trying to edit my WordPress sites. After a few trips into the dashboard to edit a post or simply add a media file I would get err_connection_reset in Chrome or the less helpful could not connect to this site in Edge.

At that point I could not connect to the sites at all unless I rebooted whatever device I was using for my internet and frequently having to also close Chrome completely and then go back in.

So a few weeks back I installed Betternet VPN which works great and is free. That way I could simply kill the VPN, wait about 10 seconds and restart it and like magic I was back in. Now of course I am running this on my Zotac mini-PC as well as the HiBook and the Hi12 tablets.

But being the testing type person that I am, I saw an advert on a YouTube site about Tunnelbear and tried that VPN. It worked okay but had a horrible 500 mb limit on the free version. I know they need to make money, but 500 mb is about an hour on the interwebs. So I uninstalled it that very evening and sort of forgot about it.

Starting the next day I was having major issues connecting to Betternet. It would take more than 30-40 seconds, then connect and then disconnect about 10 seconds later. So my next move was to try out another VPN, called ProtonVPN which I wrote about the other day.  It worked well but still had connection issues. It could take 10-12 times to connect and that simply isn’t good at all.

Now as usual the baseline PC here is the Hi12 since I use it for work and I began to look at what the differences were between my Zotac Ci323 and the Hi12. Other than one graphics program and having no other VPN’s except Betternet and one being Win 10 Pro and the Hi12 being Win 10 home, we were dealing with virtually identical PCs.

However the Hi12  worked every time, connected and stayed connected in just seconds while the other one did not.  So I re-installed the Betternet VPN on the Zotac. No joy there. So I uninstalled the ProtonVPN and tried again, still no joy. So I decided to sleep on it and go back at it this morning.

This morning I remembered that the only real difference was the Tunnelbear install. Sure enough after running a full virus scan and then uninstalling all VPN’s on the Zotac what was sitting there in the devices manager under network adapters? Yeah an OpenVPN device that should have been long gone. So I removed it and then put Betternet back on the Zotac. This OpenVPN was also in control panel where I also killed it off.

So after re-installing Betternet VPN I was immediately connected again. All I can figure is that Tunnelbear, which incidentally is a great program has a lousy uninstall program.  The lesson here kiddies is to uninstall all VPNs before trying out a new one. It could save you days of agony and frustration.

The other lesson I have learned is that VPNs are actually easy to use  and I am now using one all the time on the HiBook, the Hi12 and the Zotac.

So last item, please donate a buck or so to help keep us online for the long term and help me test some new tablets/notebooks.

That is all for now,


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Registration without participation will result in termination.
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