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Tonight’s Double Feature Worth Sharing: Adapters AND Cases For the Nuu G3!

Hi there folks obviously I am doing a bit of catch-up work here. The first video in our list is from yesterday and I was simply too tired to post it! It concerns my acquisition of a nifty splitter that allow you to  use a headphone and a microphone with most any smartphone, in this case the Nuu Mobile G3.

Obviously there were some issues, but they are all covered in the video. You can get this nifty microphone/headphone splitter right here!

The second video released about 4 hours ago concerns the Nuu Mobile G3 and a nice case to fit it! You can find this perfect fitting Tudia Linn case over at Amazon. I bought the haze gray color, but it is also available in Blue and Black.

Watch them both and then like them on YouTube and leave feedback and share them! You might even want to subscribe!

Okay too much typing here, let us proceed at once to the videos!

That is all for now, except please subscribe to our channel or click those big donation buttons on the website here!


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