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Tonight’s Video: Major iPhone Bug Allows A Single Character to Crash Apps on iPhone and Macs

02/19/2018 Update:there is a fix for this flaw, check this post! Apparently this has been reported as of yesterday, but I just noticed it today.  Since a lot of folks own these devices I thought it best to pass on what I know.

The core of the issue is a single text character from the Indian language known as Telugu (that is the language). I won’t show you the character on here for fear of crashing some iPhone user’a phone or Mac notebook. More info is available here.

Suffice to say this bug could be pretty serious. Of course if you are an Android user this doesn’t affect you and if you happen to have some snooty friends who think there iPhone is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well, a short search on the Interwebs and, well you know I won’t tell you to do it, but, it could be funny…but please don’t.

It may seem like a great prank, but never forget payback is always a bitch.

Below is a video from the folks over at UnBox Therapy who I do find entertaining, but rarely share videos since they usually unbox and don’t do any thorough  in-depth testing. However the channel is entertaining! So check them out.

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