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This Evening’s Video Worth Sharing: Full Review of the Huawei P20 Smartphone

Originally posted 2018-05-13 20:32:07.

Tonight’s subject is the P20 Huawei smartphone, not the  P20 Pro model, but the less expensive and still very premium P20 version.

It packs plenty of power, has excellent cameras and great battery life, (better than most flagships).

This one comes to us from Andrew over at AMDTech and is the usual nicely done review!

It does have less RAM than the Pro version, a smaller screen and  an IPS display rather than the AMOLED display of the P20 Pro. However considering that performance is similar and the huge price difference, in my book this one is the better buy!

So let us get right to that video and remember to check out Andrew’s channel on YouTube!

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