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Screenshot_2015-11-14-14-10-17-1038x576This site was formerly running on a Dragon Touch X10 Tablet that cost $119. Currently it is using either my Chuwi HiBook Tablet or the  my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. It runs almost as quickly as my VMWare powered Linux web server on a Zotac CI323 Mini-PC, that runs about 6 servers at once.

A note about the adverts here: Everything you see an any ad for is something I either own, tested or have read enough reviews on to want. I would love to cut back on the adverts, but, let’s face it folks, buying tablets and adapters and running a server, all costs money.


No, it isn’t the be all end all of web serving, but it is a damned nice testing and development platform.

If you attempt to post a comment, DO NOT put your website into the comment form. Do NOT add a URL to your comment. Simple enough? Hopefully, other wise your comment will be dumped by the system.

What are those names on the header image? They are there mostly because I get tired of the big corporations having all the cool code words.  But also to indicate which device the server is on.


  • Mustang = Android on the Chuwi HiBook
  • Tomcat = Windows 10 in a Linux VM on the Chuwi HiBook
  •  Raptor = Windows 10 in a Linux VM, but on the Chuwi Hi12
  • Any header with a Nuke explosion, means I have shifted duties to the Primary Hosted server, because I either blew up the tablet or am charging all the mobile devices up or using them or because I don’t have cable yet at the new dwelling.

The specs on the Chuwi HiBook /Hi12 versions of the server are as follows:

  • Windows 10 (usually, sometimes Android with KSWeb App)
  • VMware 12 Workstation, Linux 8.8 Debian with 1.8gb ram
  • 4 GB RAM on board
  • 10 GB Linux Virtual Machine, or 9 GB Android partition

A note here,  lately you may have noticed that the server is on almost all the time. The reason is because I have found that when I use the tablet at night for watching videos/TV and gaming, that I can leave it on charge all day long and the mouse draws enough juice to have it be barely  fully charged when I return home. This behavior may not continue forever but for now the  hours of operation have been extended.

Note here: To determine which device the server is on, check the header image. Occasionally the site will run on my  super new Chuwi Hi12. The header image wlll reflect that change so you can always check the “site header”  to see which one you are hitting. 

This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Don't miss our new YouTube Channel!
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This sitewas possibly the only WebSite running Primarily on a Tablet. If in doubt, check the header image.

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