The Asus Z580CA is a Great Server Backup Platform!

The Asus Z580CA

So once again today I needed to use the Dragon Touch X10, also known to me as my LogiTab, for its real purpose which was to edit some info on the local car dealer’s website, so I left the server running on the Asus Z580CA Tablet.

It will easily run all day with the screen dimmed and probably still have about 30% battery left when I get home from work. It actually has a slightly faster response time than the Dragon Touch X10 probably due to the wireless N connection speeds of 422mbps average or the 4gb ram which allows faster database processing.

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Obviously I am at work right now so this post was actually written this morning and scheduled to publish around 1 pm. So I guess I’ll check it during lunch and make sure all is still well.

What puzzles me is that a lot of folks do not realize that you can run a full web site using only a tablet. Current tablet technology is light years ahead of PC’s from only a few years ago. Quad-core and Octa-Core processors are the rule, 1-4 gb of ram is the norm and storage space is plentiful.

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Evening update: returned home and true to form the Asus still had 28% battery life left!

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