Latest Video Worth Sharing: New Product On The Way Channel News And More

This is just a short video covering some channel news! I am going to tell you what I know about the latest product I will be testing and I will also be giving you an update on the slow death of my Dell Monitor and then I will be providing a link to ben’s gadget reviews where he had an amazing rant about those big time polished reviewers and the LG 8.

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Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Pop Voice Link:
ben’s gadget reviews rant:

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I would not run out and buy this mic until see my totally unbiased and honest review!

So below is the video in question with more details on the item and lots of channel news and a plug for ben’s gadget reviews. He has since made the video unlisted, but as of this post it is still viewable, check the link above!

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