Today’s Video Worth Sharing: How Did I Get The Sound So Much Better On The Nuu G3?

Although this was shot over the last day or 2 we are calling it “Today’s Video”. It just needed a segment or 2 added, so no griping please….

Recently I was asked how I got the videos sounding so much better on the Nuu Mobile G3. The answer of course is to use a splitter and an external mic, which of course requires using an app called Open Camera. So for all the details, check out the entire video, then share and leave feedback and subscribe!


Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Nuu Website:
Nuu Mobile G3 on Amazon:
Nuu Mobile G3+ on Amazon:
myproject13 YouTube Channel:
Full Camaro Video:
Stallons Used Cars Site:

This thing works great at work when doing videos although I have a bunch of cables running to it and look a bit like a machine whilst shooting!

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