Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Finally Switching Back to The Nuu Mobile G3!

I have finally switched back to the Nuu Mobile G3 and it is a relief. I did have to send it away for a bit for a minor repair, but I really gained an appreciation for today’s budget smartphones and the differences in speed and usefulness!

Incidentally you can find both the Nuu G3 at $179 and the Nuu G3+ at $199 on Amazon. See links below!


Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Nuu Mobile G3 on Amazon:
Nuu Mobile G3+ on Amazon:

The only reason I spent so much time getting “perspective” on the BLU Studio Energy 2 versus the Nuu Mobil G3 was the USPS. You will need to watch the video below where I explain!


To give you a heads up…the customer service I dealt with was helpful, fast and efficient and fixed the issues needed!

So for all the details, watch the video below and then share it!

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