Today’s Video Worth Sharing: Google Pixel 4 Rumors And Leaks!

Today we discuss the Google Pixel 4 rumors and the usual marketing hype. Nope, you will not see a lot of hype in this one, in fact, just a bit of common sense and a reality check on “leaks”.

Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Google Pixel 4 image:
Vivo Full Screen FingerPrint Reader:

I know that tech heads love these rumors and leaks but in the video below I am going to set the record straight and explain why we have leaks and why it just isn’t worth paying attention to these hype videos on YouTube.

Most videos you will see leave out detailed info and offer only speculation, which I actually do a bit of myself here, However mine are informed guesses, nor will I offer any real info on the Pixel 4, except for a guess at the display provider.

So let us get right to that video now!

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