My First Review of The BLU Studio Energy 2 Phone! The battery on this thing is a monster!

Originally posted 2016-03-08 22:26:12.

29% battery left after 3 days!
29% battery left after 3 days!

As I mentioned a few days back I ordered a few items from Amazon and have been trying them out for the past several days.


The first one I shall talk about is the BLU Studio Energy 2 phone. The screen is incredibly bright and sharp and the Super AmoLed display is a noticeable improvement over my older BLU Studio X. The one piece aluminum chassis is solid and not all that heavy.

The expanded storage space with 16gb on the phone and an additional 32gb microSD card that I took from my old ME572C tablet is a bonus.

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The WiFi works great with my new TP-Link AC1200 router and I can’t go anywhere around my house or yard, out to about 100ft, without getting 135mbps. The extra ram is a great improvement also, 1.5gb ram really speeds the phone up over the Studio X’s 1.0gb ram.

The camera software is far better than what was on the Studio X and the front camera has been bumped to 5mp. Pictures are good, but not great and it does a very good job of shooting short videos.

All of those improvements are great, but the star of the show here is a 5000 mAh battery. I am at roughly 3 days of solid use and the battery is at 29%. I rather expect it to be near dead sometime tomorrow afternoon. That would be nearly 4 days folks!

Yes, the phone has one issue and that is it absolutely refuses to run the KSWeb Server app for android that my old BLU Studio X ran perfectly. I am guessing it is either the A5 Cortex processor versus the A7 Cortex in the Studio X or a change is the Android on the product, although both are Android 5. This would be a big deal if I did not have a shiny new Asus Z580CA tablet with 4gb ram to use as the occasional backup for the Dragon Touch here.

Last but not least I decided to try the phone out with my Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard and a wireless Logitech mouse plugged in via a micro-full USB adapter. Yes folks…if you want to run your very own 5 inch notebook, this phone can do it for you! The crappy video below will show the short test I did…

All in all I would give this a 5 star rating for anyone looking for a well-built phone, with a decent size screen, decent cameras, plenty of storage and a battery that you can ignore for days at a time and never have to worry about!


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