So Today is the Start of Tim’s Annual Review of Cool Tech Stuff! Or as I call it IRS-Xmas!

IRS-X is finally here!
IRS-X is finally here!

So this year we have had CES and MWC, but often overlooked is the annual orgy of tech known as IRS-X, where the tax returns allow Tim to test out new and exciting stuff that you probably won’t see on the big sites!

Obviously you won’t ever see of a review of an Apple product here, nor  a Samsung, because to get your hands on one of those items involves spending 3 times what my normal  total purchases cost during IRS-X!


So what will I test out first? More than likely the super cool BLU Studio Energy 2 phone along with the 32 gb microSD card that it will be getting from the soon to be sold, ME572C tablet.  The new Asus tablet is getting a 64gb EVO microSD.  I don’t expect much from the new phone other than never having to worry about battery power since it has a HUGE 5000 mAh battery and a very bright Super Amoled display. Although I do understand the rear camera/software is a bit better and it scores well on geekbench 3. It will also become the new super duper backup server for this site when charging for the Dragon Touch X10 is in order.

The big news this weekend will be a full test on the Asus Z580CA tablet with the 64gb on tablet storage and the super high def display (2048 x 1536) and WiFi b/g/n/ac.  That combined with the new TP-Link Archer C5 Gigabit router with dual band should make for some fun web surfing on the new tablet!


Incidentally, the faster router should speed up my entire network here allowing for faster response times from the Virtual servers and the tablet server.

IRS-X is always the best show of the year, although the audience is limited to myself and those who read the articles and watch the videos I post.

Incidentally I have an ME572C and a BLU Studio X phone for sale in western Kentucky…just thought I would point that out.


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