Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: No Quid Pro Quo on Thumbs Up?

Tonight’s video is a bit of a rant, but mostly a test of a new “thumbs up” graphic. However I am dead serious about the part where I speak of leaving a thumbs up, and primarily in the case where you take the time to leave a comment/feedback!

It just isn’t that damned hard to click the like (or dislike button)! If I leave a comment on anyone’s video I will ALWAYS without fail leave a like or dislike.
In general if I thought the video had great info, even if I disagree, I will still leave a thumbs up. In rare cases when I run across a crap video that tells me nothing, has no info I will still leave feedback to explain my thumbs down selection.


Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
MPow H7 Review:
Giveaway Update:

So without too many more words for the video generation to read, here is the video!


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