Today’s Video Worth Sharing: Blu Studio Energy 2 | A final Review

Today we have the final review on the Blu Studio Energy 2 (really I swear!). This phone came with a lot of accessories including a TPU case, micro USB OTG adapter, headphones and a screen protector. In the video I will show you why a case is so important for your phone.


Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Tudia Linn Case on Amazon:
Previous Video on The Tudia Case:
myproject13’s video that convinced me to buy this:

I promise this is my last video on the Blu Studio Energy 2 phone! But it has been and continues to be a great phone even after 3 years. This device even came with an AMOLED screen at only $134!


So watch the video and learn something and please share the video on all your social media!

Enough reading, time for moving pictures…

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