Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Nuu Mobile G3 Buy Or Don’t Buy?

This is not the final review, but I feel after 7 days that I can recommend this phone as a definite buy! It is fast, efficient, doesn’t gobble up the battery, (depending on your usage), looks good and offers a great price for a budget device.

It plays games well, you can watch YouTube on it for a few hours and will get 95% of average use users through the day on a single charge!


Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Tudia Linn Case for Nuu G3:
Xiaomi Mi A2:
Nuu Mobile US Site:
Nuu Mobile G3 on Amazon:
Nuu Mobile G3+ on Amazon:
Video I shot at shot at work:
Another Video shot at work:

There a lot of great budget smartphones out there and I will point out in the video my number 1 smartphone at a low price during the video.

Refurbished Computers Starting As Low As $129 At

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