Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Nuu Mobile G3+ Now Has A Free Tudia Case | Tracking My New Device

The Nuu Mobile G3+ just became a pretty good deal. I know at first I said I didn’t think it was worth the extra $30 for the larger 4000 mAh battery, but now Nuu is throwing in a good quality Tudia Linn case for free.

Videos or Links Mentioned in the video (I believe the case deal is only available on the Nuu site):
Nuu Mobile US Site:
Nuu Mobile G3 on Amazon:
Nuu Mobile G3+ on Amazon:
Tudia Linn Case on Amazon:



The addition of this high quality case now makes the $229 price quite palatable, unless you happen to value how pretty the back of your phone is, which sort of makes you “not so bright”.

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So without further typing by me which inevitably results in me editing numerous times, let us proceed to the video!

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