Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: New Years Recipe For Tech, Sort Of

Originally posted 2018-12-31 22:23:13.

Tonight’s video title might have been a bit misleading, but of course that was the point! Not that the content wasn’t worthwhile, in fact I think it was worth doing the video!


But all too often we run into “hands on” video unboxings, that are really not worthwhile because the twit who made them uses lots of stock video from the mfg and provides zero extra info, nor is there a voice. These I give a thumbs down to, but of course I see the number of views and am always astounded that they get that sort of traffic.

So I am just seeing whether adding the word recipe into the title and also putting in tags referring to the recipe in the video generate ridiculous numbers of views.
By the way, the recipe is legit, cheap and what helps keep my budget low as I wait for folks to subscribe and share and participate!


I shot this using my handy gooseneck mount. Quite the handy tool!

Shooting with the Gooseneck

Video You Might find interesting:

Gooseneck Mount For Phone:

Of course many folks will get upset with the video because they will feel mislead! That is what led me to make the video in the first place!

So let us get right to that video…

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