Today’s Video Worth Sharing: The BLU Studio Energy 2 Might Be Going Away!

BLU Studio Energy2

I know anyone who has visited this site in the last 2.5 years is tired of hearing about this phone and this should be great news!

There is a very good chance that I might be upgrading my phone here. Obviously I will be hanging on to it for a bit as I test some new hardware out. However I am looking for ideas on ways to give this away.


Of course I think my choice mentioned in the video might be the best one, but I would love some feedback on YOUR thoughts. I am also looking for someone who may be interested in the P20 Pro knockoff phone, with all it’s failings, so leave feedback on that.

Links mentioned in the video:
P20 Knockoff Final Conclusions:

5 Days Arrival: Save $10 Over $88

So make sure to watch the video, share it everywhere and leave some feedback on it!

So let us get to that video right now!

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