Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Nuu Mobile G3+ Offers a 4000 mAh Battery!

Nuu Mobile is back with a new variant of the G3, this one is the G3+ and the only technical difference is the size of the battery, which is now 4000 mAh which should provide a no worry full day of gaming, videos, web surfing, etc.

The big question is the $30 price increase. Redskull did a review and was ok on the 3000 mAh version with Android 8.0, so, that sort of lends itself to saying “perhaps this version is unnecessary”.


Links mentioned in the video:
Nuu Mobile G3+:
Amazon-Mi A2:
Redskull’s Review Of the Android 8 version of the G3:

So watch the video and then make your choice if you are still looking for a very good budget smartphone!


So let us proceed to that video right now!

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