Tonight’s Video Worth Posting: Slates As a Laptop PC Is Not A New!

You are an idiot if you don’t go Bluetooth

Today’s subject might be a shock, but in truth replacing your laptop//notebook with a Tablet is not a new idea! I have been using a tablet for 2 years at work and it works great! Is it perfect?

Nope, but is it about $1000 cheaper than these less than desirable iPad Pro 2018 or Google Pixel Slate alternatives. Do not be fooled into wasting money on a new tablet to replace your PC Laptop unless you first consider less expensive alternatives!

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Links that might be of interest:
Don’t Buy an Add-On Keyboard:

I know that there advantages to the higher end tablets I am talking about such as the iPad Pro 2018, or Google Pixel Slate. They are very powerful, but for day to day usage a cheap tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse (or Bluetooth  mouse) can get the job done!

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The whole point of those heavy hitter YouTube channels is to get you to focus on the “latest” and usually most expensive tech. That gets viewers and that means revenue, no fault to them.

But I tend to focus on the fact that there are ALWAYS less expensive options out there.

So let us get to that video…

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