Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Nuu Mobile G3 Gets Android 8.0 (and new colors).

The Nuu Mobile G3 has a new refreshed version and although the early versions last year had overheating/quality issues the new version should be better. It now also comes in 3 colors and includes 3 months of Mint Mobile Wireless service free.

If you buy direct from Nuu Mobile in the next 24 hrs (see links below) you will also get a Tudia Linn case to protect your investment!


Links referenced in the video:
Amazon Link:
Direct From Nuu Mobile with Tudia Case:
Reskull’s Review:

This is overall a decent device and I highly advise watching Redskull’s video, linked above.

Refurbished Computers Starting As Low As $129 At

So let us proceed at once to the video!

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